60 recipe local breadfruit recipe cookbook launched
April 23, 2010
60 recipe local breadfruit recipe cookbook launched

The Ministry of Culture in conjunction with Invest SVG and The SVG Tourism and Hotel Authority (SVGHTA) has officially launched a breadfruit recipe book.{{more}}

The official launch took place on Tuesday morning at the Cruise Ship Terminal. The book features 60 recipes contributed by Vincentians who took part in the National Breadfruit Competition last year.

Giving an overview of the project, President of the SVGHTA Bianca Porter said that two chefs from Young Island played a part in testing and adjusting the recipes. Other persons also contributed to the creation of the book, which took four months to reach its preprinting stage.

Porter added that the book is proof that “this perceived ordinary staple is in fact, one with endless culinary possibilities.”

The recipe book has also been added to the school’s curriculum to be used by Home Economics students.

Cleo Huggins of Invest SVG, speaking at the event, stated that it was a proud moment for Invest SVG. She added that the organisation, which is committed to export development, believes in the culinary skills of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“With the production of this book, we can develop the breadfruit as one of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ export products,” Huggins said.

Declaring her agenda to take St. Vincent and the Grenadines out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary, Minister of Culture René Baptiste added that the time has come for the promotion and development of culinary arts in St. Vincent.

Baptiste also spoke about the progression of the use of breadfruit. “Today we have taken from simply roast breadfruit, boiled breadfruit and fried breadfruit to entrée, soup casserole, finger foods …”

Stating that we do not identify our own native cuisine when listing our heritage, Baptiste added that she wanted St. Vincent’s cuisine to become increasingly important.

She disclosed that the Ministry plans to collaborate with SVGHTA and Invest SVG to create other recipe books featuring local cuisine. (OS)