Relationships forum hosted by PMC
April 16, 2010
Relationships forum hosted by PMC

The People’s Movement for Change (PMC) believes St.Vincent and the Grenadines is at a crossroads where male and female relationship is concerned.{{more}}

The movement is taking the initiative to lead the way in bringing thoughtful discussion to the issue.

It held a forum on Human Sexuality last Tuesday evening at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Jomo Thomas, General Secretary of the People’s Movement for Change, said the issue of male/female relationship necessitates some form of discussion. Hence, the PMC’s reason for facilitating the process.

“We believe that issues concerning male/female relations are not simply a discussion of “where have the good men gone,” said Thomas, nor is it an issue of women not taking on their traditional roles.

The meeting, chaired by Ronnie Daniel, saw the Reverend Lemmew Samuel, Barbara Matthews and Samantha Bailey serving as the panelists.

One of the issues that stirred much debate was that of sexual abuse of children.

Matthews reminded the audience: “Childhood ends when sexual abuse begins.

“You are no longer a child when you are violated,” she said.

Matthews declared that children are robbed of their childhood when sexual activity begins to take place. This position was also supported by the other panelists.

Speaking on people’s sexual preferences, Matthews said: “There are those who believe that anal intercourse is the way to go, as one can’t get pregnant by having anal sex.

“But in Western countries there is research being conducted that reveal that people are still virgins, but they are dying of HIV/AIDS. Of course, people are not understanding that the anus is so open and so many things go into that. Of course, you do the double take and you get the diseases a little faster than if you had vaginal intercourse,” she explained.

She said others resort to masturbation, prostitution, or transvestites or transsexuals to satisfy their desires.

Samuel also addressed the issue of child abuse. He spoke of cases that he has been working on that have wrenched his heart. He mentioned that one of the cases he had to deal with here related to two 72-year-old men being hauled before the court for sexually molesting an 18-month-old child. He said even though the medical records showed that the child was assaulted, the men walked free. And, just this week, he said he had to deal with a case where a 15-year-old female is having a relationship with a 62-year-old man and resides at his home.

The PMC promised to hold another session on the topic to help disseminate more information on the issue. (HN)