April 16, 2010
Edinboro fire victims get relief from unexpected samaritans

The Cupid and Guy Families of Edinboro continue to benefit from the goodness of the hearts of Vincentians and friends residing in the USA. Having lost their home and all belongings in a terrible Fire in October 2009, the families were left in a position of despair and had to rely on family and friends for shelter and assistance with meeting their daily needs.{{more}}

Help came from two unexpected circles in January 2010 when Yvette and Ezekiel Williams and the Arnos Vale USA Communities as well as the Council of St. Vincent and The Grenadines Organisation (COSAGO) responded with four barrels of personal and household items for the unfortunate families.

COSAGO’s President, Laverne McDowald, had pledged another support for the families in a few months upon her return to the USA in late January. The group has lived up to word and the families were presented with another barrel this week, compliments members of COSAGO and their families and friends. Focus for this barrel was on school related items in keeping with the needs of the affected children of school age, supplemented by personal items. Shipping of the barrels from New York to SVG was facilitated free of cost by Carl Munroe and Standard Caribbean Shippers Inc. All barrels were cleared and delivered by Senator Cecil McKie at the St. Vincent leg.

In the meantime, the families have commenced gathering material with the hope of commencing reconstruction as soon as the comfort of their families is of paramount importance to them so that they can rebuild their lives.

CASAGO will continue with their programme of assistance to various charities in SVG later this year.