April 9, 2010
LaSheika claims Courts $1,000

About 385 Courts customers will walk away with big prizes from the Courts St. Vincent Ltd. most recent campaign.{{more}}

The campaign, the “2010 Appliance Buyers Guide” began on April 1, 2010 and is accompanied by an eight page appliance brochure highlighting “everything customers need to know before making an appliance purchase,” a release from Courts said.

With every purchase, customers can scratch and win prizes including free vouchers redeemable at C.K. Greaves; their appliance purchase free; payment of the first month’s installment; 5% discount or $1000 in cash.

Customers can also receive a free sandwich maker with every purchase of a refrigerator or freezer, a free toaster with every purchase of a stove and a free iron with every purchase of a washing machine.

The campaign will end on April 22, 2010.