April 1, 2010
Vincy Karaoke Connection

“CONNECTING our hearts through the sound of music” is the motto of Vincy Karaoke Connection as they celebrate their second anniversary.{{more}}

The Group on Sunday March 28, 2010 participated in the Miracle Church Centre Praise and Worship Session as part of their month long programme of activities.

President of Vincy Karaoke Connection, Javelle Frank extends her thanks to Pastor Kennedy of The Miracle Church Centre for her appreciation especially for being given the opportunity for the Group to participate in their Praise and Worship segment.

Frank said that as the group continues to celebrate their anniversary into the Month of April, on Saturday April 10, a creole food sale and Karaoke will be held in Kingstown and on Sunday April 18, a sponsored walk starting at 4pm from the Sion Hill Intersection will be held.

The walkers will proceed to Dorsetshire Hill, taking the back road of Queens Drive, into Cane Hall heading back to Kingstown at West Side Bar where the activity will conclude with a food and drinks sale along with Karaoke.

Frank said the group is expected to travel to St. Lucia in July for a Karaoke showdown. More information on this, she said, will be released as it comes to hand. Frank further disclosed that from the group’s perspective, Karaoke is a great source of entertainment which allows persons to express themselves freely while at the same time preventing perons from getting themselves in trouble.

The current Members of Vincy Karoake Connection are Javelle Frank, Gordon “Zimmie” Joseph, Marvo Morgan, Judy Williams, Elroy Bailey, Simone Bellinghurst, Dennis Quintyne, Karen Isaacs, Neale Thomas, Ceasar Gellizeau and Harold Llewellyn. Vincy Karaoke Connection is presently recruiting new members.