April 1, 2010
Guy makes Pre-Schoolers happier

The Stubbs Pre-School is the latest beneficiary of a resident of the community who spent a significant proportion of her life in the United Kingdom.{{more}}

On Monday, March 22, Juanita Guy made a donation to the institution which has been operated by Marsha John for the past 18 years.

Guy has been making donations to the institution since 2002.

Her latest package included books, toys, balls, beads, and strings.

While residing in the UK, Guy and a group of her friends who participated in carnival in High Wycombe, a British community with a heavy Vincentian population, decided to make donations to various organizations in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

Hence, the Stubbs Pre-school was adopted by the group, along with other institutions such as the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, The Lewis Punnett Home, and the Mental Hospital at Glen.

“It’s nice when you don’t forget where you came from,” Guy told SEARCHLIGHT.

Expressing her gratitude for the timely donation, John said: “It’s a wonderful gesture. It’s nice to know persons are out there who are still interested in the community.”

John explained that the beads and strings will help the children with their eye and hand coordination, while the coloured balls will aid the children in identifying colours.

“Children are the future. There work starts at the pre-school level which helps them to build a foundation,” John explained.

She added that children learn in an environment conducive for doing so, and it is people like Guy that fosters the process.

“Thanks are not sufficient to give Mrs. Guy, but we still have to say thanks,” stated John.