April 1, 2010
Fire leaves family of six homeless

A family of six has lost all its possessions and is seeking help from those who are willing to give.{{more}}

Anella Thomas and her family lost all their belongings in a late afternoon fire that devoured their Park Hill home on Thursday, March 25, 2010.

Thomas lived with her boyfriend Larry Baynes and their children Andon, Gary, Anniella and Alando at Value Road, Park Hill. The family visited Searchlight on Monday, March 29, 2010, to relate what happened.

Thomas said that the fire started around four o clock. However, she and her boyfriend were not at home at the time. According to Thomas, she had left for work early that Thursday morning. She had left the two children, Alando and Anniella, at a neighbour’s house. Gary had gone to school, and Andon, the oldest, was staying at a friend’s house. Baynes was also at work.

Thomas said that the neighbour told her that she took the children to see their grandmother who lives next to the neighbour. While there, Thomas said that her neighbour said that she noticed Alando had slipped away, but she did not see when or where he went. Moments later, the neighbour saw smoke coming from Thomas’ home and saw Alando running out of the house.

Continuing, Thomas said the neighbour and others who were there tried to put out the fire, but it was too fierce and quickly burnt the plywood structure. Thomas said that she came home from where she works in Georgetown; it was just in time to see the house burnt flat.

“Nothing couldn’t save because people go in to try save them but…everything burn flat,” Thomas said.

Baynes said he heard that his house was on fire while at work and rushed home. At that time the entire house was already burnt. Baynes related that the family now lives with his sister. However, Thomas hopes to get back her own home soon. “Sometimes we want privacy….so if we could get back a house before Christmas…” Thomas is appealing to anyone who can help, whether in donating clothing or anything else to contact her at 530 5464.