April 1, 2010
‘Discipline is not Abuse’

Some 16 parents were part of the SVG Save the Children Fund Child Development Training Centre Parenting Workshop, coordinated by students of that educational facility last Thursday at the Vinsave Auditorium.{{more}}

The interactive event, which was held under the theme “Discipline and How it Works” was facilitated by Youth Officer Carlos Williams who outlined the different aspects of discipline and how it impacts the society.

Williams, who works in the Ministry of National Mobilization, Social Development, Youth and Sports, emphasized the need for parents to see discipline as a positive action taken to correct negative behaviour.

Williams further stated that discipline should never be mistaken for maltreatment.

He expounded: “If there is an abusive household, it is reflected in the child. We sometimes wonder why things happen in the school environment or why a child reacts in a particular way, but that’s because too many parents have used incorrect disciplinary measures. Parents must exercise some self-discipline first and be big enough to say to their child “I was wrong and I’m sorry” if they lashed out in anger.”

The Youth Officer also noted that while it was critical to admonish children for their misbehavior, he emphasized the need to also reward youngsters for their improvements.

The facilitator called on parents to first be more self-disciplined and willing to apologize if they lash out in anger at their children and advised parents to use practices such as withholding privileges, to get youngsters to adhere to rules.

Williams also said that while it was wise to admonish children for their bad behaviour, it was also critical to reward them for any improvements made and he encouraged parents to see the lighter side of their child’s growing up process.

Meanwhile, Vinsave Training Coordinator, Jacqueline Robin Massiah, who described the event as interactive and fruitful said she was pleased with the participation of the parents and urged them to heed the facilitator’s advice

Robin Massiah also commended the Vinsave trainee Child Care teachers on the actual planning of the workshop, which she noted will go toward their final grade.