March 26, 2010
Man shot in throat

Desley Enville will now have to rely on his hands to communicate after being shot in his throat last weekend.{{more}}

Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding Enville’s shooting, which took place at Questelles Bay on March 21, 2010.

A police press release stated that Enville was on the beach when a masked man approached him and opened fire. As a result, Enville sustained gunshots to his throat, buttock and left leg.

When visited at the Male Surgical Ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, Enville spent most of his time spitting in a pan that was stationed on his bed. He also had a large plaster attached to his neck and a tube running from his inner thigh.

By a shake of his hand, Enville declined to have his photo taken when asked.

At press time, Enville’s condition was still stable.