March 19, 2010
Toney launches new book

Vincentian author Dr Chester Toney hopes that readers will become inspired after reading his latest work “The unapologetic quest for success.”{{more}}

The book which is already on the international market is Toney’s second book, but the first to be published.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT Toney said that the book is based on his life – “It chronicles the life, history of a rural boy from humble beginnings who is able to become catapult to stardom as a world record-breaking physician.”

Toney, originally from Carriere is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist and also has post graduate degrees in Sexology and Alternative Medicine.

He explained that readers can expect a book that is unique in style and content. “It encompasses almost all areas from art, music, from medicine to history, politics and literature,” he said, adding that there is a chapter within the book where 17 of his best poems can be read.

He also hopes that his readers will be inspired “You can expect to feel that at the end of this book that you too can succeed.”

Now that his book is published, Toney says he feels a great sense of accomplishment. He also urged Vincentians to aim to have their literary works on the international market as it can boost the economic status of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, “It can do a lot!” Toney said.

Toney also described his unique way of writing which includes dictating his work to someone who then writes it down; he explained that it is the way he feels comfortable writing his book. Toney took one year and six months to write the book, and it was published by Trafford publishing. The book is available on international sites such as and Barnes and Noble. It will become available in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the next three weeks. Part of the proceeds of the book will go to Haiti.