Support Heritage Month
March 12, 2010
Support Heritage Month

AN appeal has been made to the general public to support the activities planned for this year’s National Heroes and Heritage Month.{{more}}

Minister of Culture, René Baptiste made the announcement last Friday, March 5, at the launch of activities to commemorate this year’s event.

“A lot of people say they don’t know, but instead of listening to irrelevancies and idle talk on radio talk shows, persons must get involved in uplifting and edifying activities,” the Minister said.

“We just came out of February, Black History Month, and it was strongly supported; March is our equivalent and it needs similar support,” Anthony Theobalds, Chief Cultural Officer within the Ministry of Culture said.

He was adamant that a similar effort was needed.

Highlights of the list of events include African Movie night, exhibitions, lectures at various schools across the country, pilgrimage to Balliceaux and on March 15th, the wreath ceremony at the site where Carib Chief and local National Hero, Joseph Chatoyer was killed at Dorsetshire Hill.