March 12, 2010
Dance and Drama at Faith Temple

The verdict is out – “Who the Son sets free is free indeed!”

This is the message from the Faith Temple Church produced drama/ dance/ play “Guilty or not Guilty”, which received its second and third viewings last weekend at the Peace Memorial Hall.{{more}}

The audience at the packed Memorial Hall was drawn into the production, which pits the “best prosecuting attorney the world has ever seen” (the devil, played by Ansis Pope) against a “lowly sinner” (Mary Jones, played by Jepta Badenock).

The jury (the audience), after hearing the evidence put forward by the prosecution, must decide if Jones is guilty of fornication, lying, stealing; and if she should pay the penalty, which is death.

Chief Justice Yahweh (played by Curt Buntyn) was about to hand down the sentence on Jones when the court was reminded by none other than the “world’s best defence attorney” (Jesus himself portrayed by Elvin Peters) that he had already paid the price for the defendant, with his death on the cross.

A thankful Jones had her charges dismissed, much to the dismay of Lucifer.

The production, which was viewed on Friday and Saturday, was interspersed by dance routines from the acclaimed Diadem Dancers, a dance group based at the church.

The performances, which consisted of a number of well-choreographed routines, complimented the play’s storyline: from being trapped in a world of sin to conviction, and ending with the sinner’s redemption.

The graceful moves, accompanied by a numerous colourful costume changes dazzled the jury who appeared spellbound in their seats.

Performing the dance moves were Kemrolene Bowens, Shanette Edwards, Tamara grant, Crystal Kennedy, Jemelia Pope, Leslie-Ann Dopwell, Azariah Gibson, Janel Jarvis and Shari Palmer.

Other actors in the play included “court clerk” Noel Edwards and “bailiff” Alex Veira.

Last weekend’s event also saw a special appearance by gospel R&B/ reggae singer Joel ‘Positive’ Murray, on his fifth visit to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Positive performed a number of his popular hits, including “Never let go”, “Hold me closely”, “Mama”, “Only in the Ghetto” and “They cannot stop me now”.