March 12, 2010
Argyle petrogylphs project to continue

MORE progress has been made as the efforts to have the Argyle petroglyphs moved continue.{{more}}

According to René Baptiste, Minister of Culture, the Ministry of Culture of Egypt has assigned four experts to assist in the project.

Abu Eldard’a Mohammed, the Director of the Technical and Engineering Department within the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, Khaled Saad, Mostafa Abdel Ruzek Ibrahim and Ashraf Nageh Iskaros are the persons who are expected to partner with local experts to oversee the project.

The process began some time ago after construction of the International Airport at Argyle began at the site.

According to the Minister, the Egyptian team will join a local team headed by Dr Leonardo Perez, Chief Engineer at the site.

The Minister also noted that work to preserve the old sugar mill at Argyle continues.

“The area is being measured to ensure it will not interfere with the construction and to ensure the area is safe,” Baptiste said.