March 12, 2010
An evening of women

Women from all walks of life were treated to an elegant “Evening of Women for Women” last Sunday at Grenadine House in celebration of the International Women’s Day 2010.{{more}}

The event, a panel discussion and award ceremony, was held under the theme “Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities: Progress for All.” The event included discussions on women and their roles in fashion, parenting, law, finance and spirituality.

Speaking on Women in Law, Chief Magistrate Sonya Young gave a history of women’s rights and how they have evolved into the rights they now possess in the 21st century. Young spoke on issues relating to women in the household, women at work and women’s right to ownership of property.

Citing law articles from as far back as the 1800s, Young examined the differences in what took place then and now, as well as the unequal treatment suffered by women as a result of those laws.

Presenting on Women and Spirituality was Nicole Herbert, an Evangelist who spoke about how a relationship with God has changed her life. She defined spirituality as ‘a growing relationship with Christ that changes you.’ Drawing from her life experience, Herbert said that a relationship with Christ leads you to become less angry, more longsuffering, more humble, more truthful and more forgiving.

Yvette Wickham, a Treasury Department employee, discussed the topic of Finance, advised the women gathered that money is energy and that everything has a cost. “The only thing that is free is the air that we breathe,” Wickham said. She added that money is necessary to live, noting that every time you receive money, there is something that you must use it to acquire. Wickham suggested that families plan out how to spend money and invest wisely.

The women also heard advice on parenting as Beverley Neptune presented on Women and Parenting. Using her experiences as a child, she said that parents should be involved in children’s lives, talk continuously to their children, and to discipline their children. Neptune also encouraged parents to keep God as a part of their children’s lives as she recounted her mother sending her to several Sunday School services at different churches.

Fashion designer Kimya Glasgow also gave a presentation, reminding the women of names in fashion such as Anne Klein, Versace and others who paved the way for fashion designers today.

The event also saw seven women awarded for excellence in their various professions. The awardees are as follows: Heather Morris, who was awarded for her security services; Eugina Samuel, an employee in the Public Health Department; Stavie Bascombe, an employee in the Fisheries Division; Seamstress Louise Huggins; Hairdresser Ann Mitchell; Office Assistant Celia Cupid Guy; Vendor Elfreda Sam Da Silva, and Legal Clerk Ilca Browne.