March 5, 2010
Woman responds to police officer

Stop fooling the public!

This is the message being sent to a young policeman who appealed to the authorities last week for help in a quest to have his ex-lover stop harassing him.{{more}}

On Monday, March 1, 2010, a young woman visited SEARCHLIGHT and declared that she is the one that the police officer referred to in the article ‘CRY FOR HELP’.

In her arms she held a little girl who she claimed is their daughter while disclosing that she is fully aware of some of the events surrounding dates mentioned by the police officer, especially that of Sunday, February 21, 2010.

She, however, told SEARCHLIGHT that 99 per cent of what her ex-lover related to the newspaper are lies.

According to the young mother, the policeman was the one who suggested that they have a child together, but shortly after she got pregnant he abandoned her.

She claimed that he gave several excuses for his actions when confronted but all were based on ‘hear say’.

“I never cheated on him,” said the young woman.

“He disowned, neglected, and alienated his own child from conception, and even after the results came back stating that the baby is his,” she noted.

She said his turning his back on his “innocent child” was the reason why the couple ended up in the Family Court.

The mother refuted claims that she had asked the police officer to spend 10 minutes during his visitation periods with their daughter.

She said regarding her calling him gay that was in response to him calling her a whore.

“It was him giving me word and I giving him word,” she exclaimed.

“One day I called his phone telling him time enough that he acknowledged his daughter. He gave several expletives.

“He said ‘I don’t have any f****** child with you. Way you harassing me bout child for.’ I said if she could have use the phone she would have been the one to call. He said ‘even when she could talk don’t give her no phone to call me cause I will not answer and by that time’ he would have already changed his number,” recalled the young woman.

She said on Sunday, February 21, 2010, she took their daughter to the policeman’s home. She noted that an argument ensued and he attacked her with a cutlass. The young woman claimed that she had to seek refuge at his neighbours.

She plans to take further steps in dealing with this latest issue.

Last week the police officer told SEARCHLIGHT he was tired and frustrated after being harassed from December 2007 to 2010.

The officer expressed that he was hoping that someone in authority will hear of his plea for help and assist him in bringing an end to the situation since he believed he had exhausted all legal channels available to him.