March 5, 2010
Vinlec – Stop lighting fires

St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) is strongly appealing to the public to desist from lighting fires during this extremely dry season.{{more}} This appeal comes following a number of incidents which have caused damage to the Company’s property. VINLEC is alerting persons to the dangers of lighting fires at this time.

The Company is also concerned about the possible threat to public safety as fire and electricity are extremely dangerous collectively. Service teams have been responding to calls from the public to deal with fires in a number of areas. In one instance, the team responded to a call on the Leeward coast and was required to use fire extinguishers to put out a fire that was threatening a pole.

Another pole in the Barrouallie area had to be replaced because it was burnt out by fire. The Company also responded to another incident in Upper Sion Hill where fire caused a burning tree to fall on transmission lines, causing disruption to the electricity supply.

Fires are extremely dangerous because they can become uncontrollable. They can create massive infernos that move at tremendous speed and can create challenges for the transmission and distribution network.

VINLEC is strongly advising persons to desist from lighting fires as they have the potential to cause damage and impact the supply of electricity to your home or business. We advise the public to report any irregular activity by calling our emergency number 456-1540.