March 5, 2010
Vincentians gather for a Prayer for the Nation

Organizers of the 8th annual Prayer in the City are hoping that their offerings of prayer and praise would be heeded.

Last Sunday, Vincentians of all religious denominations gathered in the vicinity of the Kingstown Central Market/ National Commercial Bank/ P H Veira for an evening of prayer.{{more}}

The gathering, estimated to be about 3,000 strong, offered prayers for the nation, government and religious leaders, the country’s economy, public an private sectors and crime among other areas.

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Youth for Christ Organized event, which was held in collaboration with the New Life Ambassadors and Vermont Miracle Tabernacle Church, saw worship sessions conducted by bands from the Vermont Miracle Tabernacle Church, Youth for Christ, New Life Ambassadors and New Generation.

Brooklyn, New York based Vincentian Dr. Apostle Peter Bonadie, head of the Kingdom Life Ministries International delivered the evening’s sermon.

Bonadie in his stirring delivery stated that the nation’s current woes are due to the pride of the people, as well as the lack of prayer and increase in sexual and other immoralities among other things, that he said are plaguing the nation.

He called on religious and political leaders to do their part in bringing the nation back on track, in order for Vincentians to receive the blessings of God.

Event Coordinator Fidel Taylor indicated that this year’s event, though lower in turn out than on previous occasions was high in standard and quality, and said that plans are already in place for the staging of next year’s service.

Taylor indicated that last Sunday’s rally was preceded by seven zonal youth rallies, which were held on Friday, February 26th in Rose Hall, Vermont, Kingstown, Mesopotamia, Georgetown, Sandy Bay and Villa Flat.