March 5, 2010
RJR presents a “Hot Pink ‘N Kool Blue” Jouvert

“Hot Pink ‘N Kool Blue” for J’ouvert! That is what RJR is offering patrons this year.{{more}}

RJR enters its 13th year of producing one of the most anticipated events on the Carnival Calendar and promises this year to give patrons another experience to remember. “This year the action will be even hotter, the bar even cooler, and the giveaways and branding even more spectacular,” said PRO Jeremiah Howard. “We continue to grow, and we continue to strive to bring our RJR family the best in quality entertainment,” he continued.

Apart from “Hot Pink ‘N Kool Blue”, patrons can also look forward to other special events from RJR later this year. More information on upcoming events, as well as photos from past events, can be found on

Remember, with RJR, it is always “A Whole Lot Of Clean Fun!”