March 5, 2010
It’s Business After Hours at Bickles

Bickles was a buzz with local businessmen and women as it hosted the Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours. The function, which bought local business people together and gave them the opportunity to network, took place at the Bickles downtown branch on Thursday, February 25, 2010.{{more}}

Giving brief remarks at the function, President of the Chamber of Commerce Angus Steele said that the Business After Hours initiative is to bring together the member businesses of the Chamber to network, socialize and gain knowledge about each other’s business.

Steele said that the function, which is to be held each month, does not always materialize, as some businesses are not willing to come forward to host the meet. He expressed hope that a business will offer their headquarters as the next venue for the function.

The function, which proved to be a learning experience for many of those who attended, included a presentation on Bickles services done by Vynette Browne.

Services such as catering and delivery, and a wide range of health food choices for their customers was discussed, and the business people were also given the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to Bickles’ services.

After the question and answer session, the participants mingled and tasted delicacies offered by the Bickles catering service.

LIME employee Cicyln Joseph speaking to Searchlight said that the catering service offered by Bickles was something new she had learnt. “I didn’t know that they catered,” Joseph said, and suggested that the branch known mostly for their patties advertise their other services more.

Courts Senior Operation Manager Elwyn Phillips also present at the function, told Searchlight that he was impressed that Bickles invests in locally grown fruits and vegetables to prepare their meals.