March 5, 2010
Garifuna to hold Exhibition

The Garifuna Heritage Foundation has agreed to stage two events this month because of repeated requests from the public.{{more}}

This Saturday, the foundation will host its second Community Gathering at the Fancy Government School.

The event, which begins at nine in the morning, will see cultural presentations from each of the Garifuna communities, as well as presentations on strategies for promoting Garifuna culture and heritage to enhance the social and economic benefits of these communities.

The Community Gathering is being held as part of the foundation’s celebration of National Heroes’ and Heritage Month under the theme ‘Facing the challenge, planning for change.’

Beginning on Monday, March 8th, and continuing until Friday, March 12th, the foundation will repeat its staging of an arts, craft and cultural exhibition at the National Trust Building in Kingstown.

The exhibition is being sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and is being staged in collaboration with the Alliance Francaise.

The exhibition will run from 9 am to 4pm daily.

The first exhibition took place on October 30th and November 1st last year, while the inaugural Community gathering was held on in November.

The events were part of the Vincy Homecoming celebrations which took place last year.