March 5, 2010
CED to launch new seminar in Basic English for Business

THE Centre for Enterprise Development Inc. (CED) will launch a new seminar during the month of March.{{more}}

According to Manager of Training and Education, Jacintha James, the new seminar is entitled Basic English for Business. She says while CED continues to look for ways to improve the local private sector, it has discovered that basic English skills are lacking in some areas and this affects the level of confidence of entrepreneurs

“Entrepreneurs who unable to express themselves using Internationally Acceptable English are often at a disadvantage, especially in forums where they have to make oral presentations. Many avoid these situations because they realize that there are deficiencies in their language skills and may even miss out on opportunities for improving their businesses because they lack the confidence to express themselves comprehensibly. Poor subject-verb agreement is an area that needs to be addressed. This seminar will certainly help persons to do this.”

The Basic English for Business Seminar is scheduled for March 22 -26, from 5:00-6:30 p.m. Registration for this seminar has already begun.

The month of March will also see a wide cross section of representatives from the private sector taking advantage of the Effective HR Management seminar, which takes place March 17 -19 at CED’s Conference Room.