Digicel rewards resellers
February 26, 2010
Digicel rewards resellers

BEING ASSOCIATED with Digicel has its rewards.

On Tuesday, in a continued effort to give something back to their resellers, the telecommunications provider presented nine of its top-up sellers with free credit.{{more}}

Handing over the credit to the resellers (at Digicel’s Corporate Offices in the Lewis Building on James Street), Distribution Manager Gershom Dick said that the presentation is one way that Digicel rewards members of its top up family. Dick said that the incentive rewards programme is run on a quarterly basis, “so this is the elite of Digicel resellers here today.”

“We look at the top resellers and ways we can give back,” said Dick who added that sellers are rewarded in three categories, namely, persons who sell between EC$1,000 to EC$5,000, EC$5,000 to EC$10,000 and over EC$10,000.

Rewarded in the over EC$10,000 category were Reynold Quashie (represented by Cyike Culzac), Dawn Sandy and Cutie Butcher. In the EC$5,000 to EC$10,000 group were Desmond Edwards, Claude Thomas (represented by Martina Thomas) and Renwick Williams (represented by Christina Martin). In the EC$1,000 to EC$5,000 category were the Honey Bun Bakery (represented Jimmy John), Gaymes Pharmacy (represented by Vandell Samuel) and Matthias Nanton.

Digicel’s sub distributors GR Howards Inc. (represented by Niasha Ollivierre) and KC Mobile Stop (represented by Laverne Jackson) were also given recognition, while Operations Manager at Advance Business Systems (Digicel’s main distributor) Ezzie Roberts was on hand to witness the handing over.