February 26, 2010
Bible goes around the world

The ‘Follow the Bible’ initiative has arrived in St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

Pastor Dermoth Baptiste of the Seventh Day Adventist Church identified some of the main objectives of the programme, which include elevating the Bible as the antidote to crime, violence and other social vices in the land.

But more important, the initiative is geared at stimulating a new interest in the Word of God.

“The Bible is God’s love letter to the people, and it is paramount that we take time to read and study it,” Baptiste said.

The Bible arrived in the country on Tuesday, February 16, after a two-week stint in Grenada.

It will remain here for two weeks, with a series of activities planned while it tours St Vincent and the Grenadines. It is then expected to be taken to Barbados.

“Since the Bible arrived in Grenada, it has created a wave of excitement,” Pastor Desmond St Louis of the Grenada SDA Conference said, adding that it has served as a great source of inspiration and blessing for the Grenadian people.

“We hope it will generate the same amount of excitement,” he added.

The ‘Follow the Bible’ initiative began two years ago in the Philippines and has traveled throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America, and is currently making its way through Africa.

The Bible here is a replica of that global Bible currently making its way around the world containing some 1500 pages with each of the 66 books presented in a foreign language.