February 19, 2010
Ministry of Transport and Works donates to Haiti Relief Fund

The Ministry of Transport and Works has made a contribution to the Haiti Relief Fund with the handing over of $1,400 to the local Red Cross Society on Wednesday, February 17.{{more}}

“We have seen the devastation, and I am grateful to the staff for their contribution and effort,” Clayton Burgin, Minister of Transport and Works, said.

He added that this was the first in what will be a series of continuous efforts by his Ministry to reach out to the people of Haiti.

“The thinking is that we really ought to embark on some fundraisers, and those l Continued from page 10

will be realized with time, given that we are aware that the re-development of Haiti requires the long haul mentality,” Luis deShong, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Works, emphasised.

“In addition, it may be worthy of us to consider inviting some of our artisans at BRAGSA, which essentially is our technical implementation unit, to consider spending some time in Haiti when the infrastructural re-building process commences,” he continued.

To date, more than EC$166,000 has been amassed, with over 136 individuals, corporate citizens, banking institutions and civic and community organizations making contributions.

The amount was converted to US$61,344.75 and handed over to the International Federation of the Red Cross at the regional office on the 9th of February in Trinidad.

According to Bernard Marksman, the money will be used towards the purchase of tents and other materials of shelter. (DD)