February 19, 2010
Louisa Pompey celebrates her 100th birthday

The Family Services Division of the Ministry of National Mobilization partnered with relatives of Louisa Pompey this week to ensure this country’s newest centenarian had a wonderful birthday.{{more}}

Pompey, also known as Louisa George, celebrated her 100th birthday on Monday, February 16, 2010.

The Overland mother of 10, with one child deceased, is immobile and spends most of the day in bed.

Cindey Davis, Pompey’s granddaughter, said family members are happy that their grandmother, a devoted Spiritual Baptist, has lived to see 100 years.

She noted before Pompey retired she made her living as a labourer on the Orange Hill Estate. Additional income was generated through her engagement in farming, which included rearing animals.

Kay Ferguson, Case Worker and Manager of the Home Help of the Elderly Programme, stated her department aims to meet the need of members of the community who are indigent and sometimes shut-in. This is done by providing basic daycare to improve the health of the individuals. Toiletteries are also provided for the elderly through the initiative.

At present there are 88 home care- givers attached to the Family Services Division, who meet the needs of approximately 400 elderly persons.

Ferguson explained that her division tries to stress the importance of socialization and care for the elderly, because some of these people are abandoned by their relatives.

“We help them, but we want to appeal to families, as well as children and grandchildren of the elderly, to lend support,” said Ferguson.

She lamented that some elderly, persons who live alone are forgotten in the dark with windows shut.