February 19, 2010
Eustace will study it to death, says PM

The Opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) is “basody” on the issue of an international airport for St.Vincent and the Grenadines, says Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

On the heels of a press conference held on Wednesday morning by the NDP, Gonsalves called one of his own a few hours later to rebut claims that the Party’s Leader, Arnhim Eustace, had made.{{more}}

The prime minister accused the leadership of the NDP of changing its position on the airport project as the days and weeks go by.

On the issue of tender for labour and the overall cost of the airport, Gonsalves charged that the Opposition Leader is dishonest and lacked creativity.

On this note, Eustace when contacted on Wednesday evening stated: “What I’m saying as long as people getting a salary, it doesn’t matter whether they perform very well or don’t perform very well.

“I am saying persons in the contracting business, if they have cost overruns, they lose their money. So I am talking about efficiency of operation. They may be working long hours (workers at the airport site), but I am saying a contractor who knows his profit is built into his contract price is going to have a different attitude. That is why you put things out to tender. What is dishonest about that?” Eustace asked.

At the NDP press conference on Wednesday, Eustace said his party’s position on the airport is that a group of international consultants will be appointed to review the project.

Gonsalves expressed that the Opposition Leader makes this claim even though deep within his heart he will not build the international airport.

“He will study it to death,” said Gonsalves.

The prime minister also used the opportunity to reiterate that his administration will not engage in the selling of Economic Citizenship.