February 19, 2010
Churches call for pan

The sweet sounds of steel pan may soon be heard in a few more churches, if the National Commission for Crime Prevention (NCCP) heeds the call.{{more}}

At Monday’s second annual prayer and breakfast workshop organized by the NCCP and held at the Catholic Pastoral Centre at Edinboro, a number of pastors made the call to have the pan along with pan training included in their programmes.

The NCCP, established in 2003, is responsible for the two-year-old Pan against Crime initiative, which has seen the graduation of almost 600 persons in the art of pan playing, as well as the formation of a number pan sides around the country.

Some church leaders, during their contribution to the NCCP organized seminar, made appeals for instruments of their own and any assistance that could be offered by the Commission in that regard.

One pastor said that the instrument has been part of his church services for years, and lamented that the pans in his church were the private property of members.

He inquired as to how the church itself can come into ownership of some of the instruments since there were other members who showed interest in playing.

Another minister indicated that he was enthusiastic about having the steel pan brought into his ministry and was looking forward to making it a musical staple in the institution.

The subject of the steel pan being played in the House of the Lord has been a topic of debate over the years.

It has been called an ‘Instrument of the Devil’ by some religious, while defended by others.

This was just one of the items up for discussion as 20 religious leaders, representing various denominations, met with the NCCP and law enforcement officers to discuss the current crime situation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and ways that the church can move to reduce and prevent crime.

Apart from the discussions, the gathering was involved in the singing of hymns and prayers for the nation.