February 12, 2010

Ulitimate Jesus Party tomorrow

SVG can expect big things from the Exalt Him Worship Ministry this year. The forty member group is on a mission to spread the word of God across the island.{{more}}

With a calendar packed with activities, the group has already begun to plan for the year. The first of its activities, leader Sheree Edwards

related, would be held this Saturday at the National Netball Complex (Nutricia), dubbed “Love realm – The ulitimate Jesus Party”. The event is all about praising God.

The first of its kind in St. Vincent, the event will feature Germaine ‘DJ Grace’ Sealy, Emrand Henry and Shem Meluce from St. Lucia and G-rod and St. Keon and Fenton Harry from St. Vincent.

Edwards related that the four year old group’s mission is to “provide an avenue for Christian young people to use music to evangelize the gospel of Jesus Christ for salvation, for deliverance, for perfecting of the saints, for the growth and unity of the body of Christ, for charity and to glorify God.” The group also seeks to develop the gifts and talents of its members while exposing them to Christian music and songs and a Christian way of life.

The group ministers through dance (Shalom Body Worship), singing (Exalt Him Worship Team) and drama (Remnants of Gideon), with a band Praise Order. Each division will also have productions throughout the year.

Other activities of the group will include a National Youth Convention, ‘drama-rama’ and a dance-a-thon. A musical depicting the life of David will also take place later in the year. The next event, Exalt Him The Worship Experience, will take place on March 13 and 14 at Streams of Power Sans Souci and the Lomans New Testament Church of God.

Love realm begins at 7 pm, admission is $10. (OS)