February 12, 2010

Stop bashing CDC

Some of the promotional strategies enlisted by other countries selling their carnival product were initiated here.{{more}}

Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste, speaking at the Carnival Development Corporation’s (CDC) first press conference for the year, highlighted that a few of the popular tools used to promote the various carnivals around the region were the brainchild of the CDC and spread across the waters.

From view cards to the side screens, Baptiste noted that these ideas were not credited to the local carnival organizers by critics, who prefer to downplay and bash the achievements of the CDC.

“I find it boring, irritating, not intellectually stimulating at all to hear this bashing constantly. I think it is time that we grow up,” the minister stated. “We must mention it because we must learn to be fair, but we have a fear of fairness in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We don’t like to be fair. we just like to bash the CDC.”

Speaking on some of the activities that were initiated here, the minister stated:

“There were countries that never advertised or marketed or promoted their carnival at test cricket; it was this CDC that did it first, next thing we see Antigua and St. Lucia and everybody knocking down the TV when we looking at test cricket,” the minister remarked.

“We have these view cards and poster, and now its is customary that you will see view cards all over the place now. we were the first to do it.”

“There are some countries that don’t use big screens, so when we come here (to Victoria Park) there are some countries who don’t know anything about that.”

“We forget, St. Lucia came here to these very offices to see what we do for our Carnival. We’ve also forgotten Barbados has come here to see what we are doing for our carnival, and Antigua chairman, who has been chairman for over 25 years, he came as well. “

The minister lauded the CDC for its vision and drive taken, to ensure that the local carnival product deepens and grows through the various promotional strategies.

She called on the critics to give credit where it is due and to refrain from negative criticism.

“Why are we so afraid of fairness? Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.”