February 12, 2010
New computer for New Prospect

New Prospect Government School gets computer from the Office of the Prime Minister.

The New Prospect Government School on Tuesday took ownership of a new Acer computer, compliments the Office of the Prime Minister.{{more}}

The computer, valued at around EC$2,800, was handed over to the Headteacher of the school, Henry Peters, by Frederick Stevenson, a senior customs official who has been assigned duties in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Headteacher Peters has said that the computer will be used for administrative purposes, and will be a valuable learning and research tool, once the school gets its Internet service sorted out.

According to Frederick Stevenson, while the New Prospect School is one of the smallest primary schools in the state, in terms of its student complement, it still has ITC needs like any other school in the state.

He added that the Office of the Prime Minister was always willing to look into requests for assistance, and to make a determination on a case by case basis.

Also witnessing the presentation were Leone Williams, a student, and teachers Sandra James and St.Clair Stevenson.