Man found dead on Sandy Bay beach
February 12, 2010

Man found dead on Sandy Bay beach

Clive Lavia prepared a scrumptious meal for his family before leaving home for the last time. Now, they are the ones preparing for his funeral.{{more}}

On February 5, 2010, Lavia’s lifeless body was found lying on the beach at Sandy Bay between some rocks at about 7:45 am. Police say that Lavia, 47, a mason, had left home three days earlier to go on a fishing trip.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the family in Sandy Bay on Wednesday, February 10, the family’s sombre mood was obvious.

Mother, Maude Lavia, is now, more than ever, banking her faith on Jesus to cope with the loss of her fourth child. The mother of eight said on February 2, Clive helped her grind coconuts to assist with lunch the morning. “After he finish grinding the coconut, he cook the food and then he tell me he going to lie down,” Lavia stated.

Maude, who has a history of High Blood Pressure, said that her son got up later that day and indicated that “mosquitoes and ants been biting him so he tell me he going down by the shop to cool out.”

Lavia said that she did not pay any mind when Clive did not return home because he would normally stay out late if he were playing dominoes. Lavia said she went to bed and got up early the next morning and went to Clive’s room, only to find an empty bed.

“Me say wait, way happen to he? Like he na come in,” Lavia recounted. As any concerned mother would, Lavia then carried out her own investigations. “I went down the road where he does normally lime, but everybody tell me he just passed by yesterday,” Lavia stated.

It was later that day that someone told her that Clive had gone to the beach. “Me na know way happen to him after they say he been beach…way me go do? He been me hand and foot, because he use to help me with everything,” Lavia lamented.

A post mortem report indicated the cause of death was drowning.

Family members conducted a search on the beach the day after Clive went missing, but only found one of his shoes. The following day, the Coast Guard services assisted with the search effort.

Clive’s niece Timmesha Fraser said that it was a dog which led them to her uncle’s lifeless body. “I just couldn’t stand to look at him. His clothes were gone and his skin was peeled off,” Fraser lamented.

Described as a jack of all trades, Clive’s other relatives also expressed similar sentiments. Cousin Glenda Ballantyne said she heard the news in Mustique where she works. “I just can’t stop crying…Clive was just a fun-loving person to be around who used to help with everything,” Ballantyne recalled.

Lavia’s funeral service will take place on Wednesday, February 17, at the Gospel Chapel Church in Sandy Bay. He will be buried at the London cemetery.