Frederick Beache celebrates 105th birthday
February 12, 2010

Frederick Beache celebrates 105th birthday

Frederick ‘Daddy Pal’ Beache of Campden Park celebrated his 105th birthday on Tuesday in fine style.

Beache, originally from Greiggs, had a merry time at his Campden Park home with friends and family, as well as Area Representative René Baptiste, and Bishop of the Diocese of the Windward Islands Leopold Friday.{{more}}

Celebrations included a short service led by Bishop Friday, champagne and, of course, a birthday cake.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited Beache at Campden Park on Tuesday, he was in a lively mood, sharing lots of jokes as he enjoyed the company of his friends, which included former parliamentarian John Thompson.

It was evident that Beache’s memory has remained sharp as he recounted experiences from several years aback.

He spoke about living in Santo Domingo and island- hopping on ships to Curacao and its neighbouring islands.

During the birthday party, Beache even bragged about making his own coffee as he sang hymns and gave praises to God.

“I am feeling quite alright. I have no pain in the body. My eyes are a bit dark but I still have to thank God that I can still see to get around,” said Beache.

The centenarian credited his relationship with God for his long life.

In his younger days, Beache was known as a “Jack of all trades” who made baskets, furniture and coffins. He also spent his time farming.

SEARCHLIGHT was told that despite Beache’s age, he made it his duty to vote in the November 25, 2009, Referendum. This, he confirmed. However, when asked if he’ll be voting in the upcoming General Elections, he said jokingly: “Let me get you clear…why are you asking me those questions? What is it you really want to know? So you just coming to pick my mouth?”

Meanwhile, Baptiste, sharing her views on Beache’s accomplishments, said he told her some of the secrets to long life. She promised to keep them close to her heart.

“He said to live to 105 you have to love the Lord thy God…Thou shall have no other God,” said Baptiste.

She expressed that it was tremendous listening to Beache speaking about the early 20th century, closeness of people to God and each other, about life in the country side, as well as the bond of family.

Bishop Friday also used the opportunity to congratulate Beache on his birthday.

Friday said he has known Beache for a very long time. He lauded Beache for always seeking to share his love with his family and members of his community.

“He has a lot of wisdom and humour even at this very old age,” said Friday.

SEARCHLIGHT was told that Beache had five brothers and sisters, all of whom have pre-deceased him. He is the father of seven children.