Relica: “Me just can’t take it no more.”
February 5, 2010

Relica: “Me just can’t take it no more.”

After seven years of harassment and torment, Relica Ryan is fed up and wants it all to stop.

The source of her discomfort is a couple, who she says has made her fearful for her life.{{more}}

Ryan visited SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday and related her situation. She said “the harassment” began as far back as 2003 when she became involved with the woman’s ex-boyfriend.

About three years ago, Ryan said that the woman and her present boyfriend assaulted her, resulting in her right foot being chopped. She only received a few stitches. “I reported it to the police, nothing ain’t come out of it,” Ryan said. Instead Ryan said that she was arrested and charged with attacking the man. The case was dismissed because there were no witnesses, she affirmed.

Around the same time, the woman and Ryan’s boyfriend, who have children together, were involved in a custody battle for their youngest daughter. Ryan said that her boyfriend was attacked and beaten by the couple. She also said that nothing became of the matter when it went to court.

Ryan, becoming emotional, further related that she recently had to make a report to the Georgetown Police Station because she was threatened once again by the man. Ryan explained that on Tuesday, January 26, 2010, while at the Family Court with her boyfriend, the man and the woman were also there.

“I go through (inside the court) to check on the lists and went back outside. On my way back out he say: ‘Mek when all you don’t see me all yo does throw word gimme and when all you see me you don’t say nothing’,” Ryan related.

Ryan also said that he threatened her saying: “I feel like fo give you a (expletive) slap.”

A telephone call to the Georgetown Police Station confirmed that Ryan made a report to the station. Ryan also spoke to her lawyer who is advising her on the matter.

Ryan said the threats and harassment continued from the woman’s boyfriend who occasionally meets Ryan in their village and sometimes in Kingstown, making remarks. Ryan said she has no idea why the couple is harassing her. “Me just can’t take it no more,” she lamented.

Ryan says that everywhere she goes, she seems to encounter either the man or woman who constantly harass and threaten her. She has made many reports to the police, she said, and tries to stay out of their way and has even stopped going out to lessen her chances of coming into contact with either of them.

“Since three years ago, me never set foot in a activity, not even a fundraiser…” a teary eyed Ryan related. The last time she went to an event was the Lucky Dube show at Victoria Park where she was approached by the same man.

Ryan says that she wants it all to end as she is tired of living in fear. “Me want peace, perfect peace.”