MCMH welcomes Johnson triplets!
February 5, 2010

MCMH welcomes Johnson triplets!

AN EVENT which last happened twelve years ago occurred once again last week Wednesday as the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) welcomed triplets.{{more}}

Born to Alexandra Johnson of Stubbs, the triplets arrived one minute apart, between 9:47 and 9:49 am in the order: boy, girl, and boy.

The babies, born prematurely, weighed 4.2 pounds, 3.5 pounds and 3.7 pounds, respectively. They were delivered by Caesarean Section.

Speaking to the media, a visibly tired Johnson explained that she and her husband expected to have just one child, but were shocked when an ultrasound showed three babies.

“I cried day and night,” Johnson related. “How am I going raise three children?” she said she wondered. Johnson was about three months along when she discovered she was carrying triplets.

Johnson also related the difficulties she experienced during the pregnancy, which was her first. Problems such as difficulty breathing and urinating were mentioned. Johnson also said that the weight of the babies pressed on her kidneys, causing them to swell.

Although it was a difficult pregnancy, Johnson said that she is happy to have three healthy babies.

“Now it’s a joy to have them …to know that they’re born and not having any health risks.”

She thanked the nurses and doctors of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital for their care and service and her husband for his support.

Hospital Administrator Fitz Jones said that the hospital is ready and willing to help the Johnsons in whatever way that they can.

The last set of triplets was delivered at the MCMH in November 1998. They were all male.