Jomo Thomas: This is a lesson for all police officers
February 5, 2010

Jomo Thomas: This is a lesson for all police officers

Lawyer for Jemark Jackson, Jomo Thomas, is of the view that “there is a permissive culture in the police department that allows for excesses to take place.”{{more}}

Thomas’ remarks came a day after three police officers were convicted of assaulting 16-year-old Jemark Jackson on November 18, 2008, at the Criminal Investigations Department.

“This is a complete lesson for all police officers because the next time they arrest someone, they have to think 10 times about doing to that arrestee what they did to Jemark.”

Each of the officers, Hadley Ballantyne, Kasankie Quow and Osrick James, was fined $1,500 to be paid in one month or spend six months in jail.

Thomas also confirmed that he has already filed a civil complaint against the three officers and the matter is currently working its way through the legal system.

Sharing his views on the trial, Thomas noted that he knew that the weight of the evidence was sufficient and had no doubt that there would be a conviction.

He also lauded Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams for taking the decision to pursue and prosecute the case. “I think the DPP, whom I always had confidence in, did an excellent job in presenting the case, and he must be commended for that,” Thomas declared.

Mentioning that he knows Ballantyne and Quow fairly well and knows them to be good police officers, Thomas made it clear that he takes no delight in the conviction of the trio.

He, however, said: “I had always believed Jemark’s story and I am relieved that it has happened because it vindicates Jemark’s case.” (KW)