Credit Union founder Jerome Burke passes
January 29, 2010

Credit Union founder Jerome Burke passes

Family members and well wishers last week Monday paid their last respects to credit union founder Jerome Burke Sr.

Burke passed away on Thursday, January 7, at the age of 82 years.{{more}}

The former Member of Parliament’s funeral service took place on Monday at the St. George’s Cathedral and he was interred in the churchyard. Among his many

accomplishments, Burke Senior was at one time the Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly, founding father and first president of the Kingstown Cooperative Credit Union,

a founding member of the St. Vincent Automotive Cooperative Society, chairman of the Central Housing and Planning Authority and was the founder of a number of calypso tents here.

He was also the proprietor of a tailoring shop and restaurant.

Burke leaves behind his wife Stephanie and six adult children.