January 29, 2010
Bequia SDA Secondary School in massive ‘Help Haiti’ drive

Just one week after a massive drive in aid of Haiti was launched by the Bequia Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Secondary School, a shipment of 13 barrels, four cartons and two bags of supplies left Bequia on Tuesday, en route to Haiti, with the help of Karib Cable.{{more}}

In fact, the very day when the teachers and students went into the community collecting canned foods and clothing, 11 barrels of supplies had already been collected.

In addition to the supplies, a total of EC$1800.04 in cash was collected.

The principal of the School, Morrie Hercules, said the support from the community was “overwhelming”. He also said that although he had hoped for more foodstuff, he is still happy with the abundance of clothing that was donated and in particular “new” clothing of the latest fashion. Hercules is also happy about the students’ involvement and praised especially the girls of forms one, two and five, noting their enthusiasm throughout the whole project.

He extended his heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the staff and students to all who contributed and supported the drive.

Meanwhile, the truck that transported the barrels from the Bequia SDA Secondary School’s compound collected 6 barrels and three bags of supplies from the SDA church. These were collected as a result of the efforts of the Community Services Department of the church. According to Hyacinth Lewis, the leader of the Community Services, the barrels contain canned food, clothes and medical supplies.