Fancy man wins LIME’s $50,000
January 22, 2010
Fancy man wins LIME’s $50,000

For 51-year-old Garfield Toussaint, the New Year rolled in with new cheer from LIME as the telecommunications company announced him as the lucky winner of EC $50 000 bringing down the curtains on its six-week Christmas ‘Goodie Bag’ promotion.{{more}}

On January 6, the LIME promenade came alive from 3:30pm for an entire hour as the band IMPAC entertained onlookers and passersby as they awaited the final draw which was carried live on three radio stations, Hitz FM, We FM and Nice Radio.

Toussaint told SVG TV that this is the second most important event in his life so far, the first being “I gave my life to Christ and accepted the Lord as my Savior. Secondly, winning $50,000 from LIME is very significant. I am overwhelmed, happy and out of words. Words can’t express the way I’m feeling right now,” said Toussaint.

“I treated this promotion like a sport and I didn’t expect to win anything. I just feel extremely blessed right now! It is definitely something I was indirectly hoping for and it came in God’s timing. So, I’m just giving thanks. I’ve never won anything big, so I am still wondering if it is a dream. Is it real? I will have to pinch myself some time later after I deposit the cheque of $50,000 in the bank,” the 2010 lucky winner proclaimed.

While the Christian gentleman and resident of Fancy awaits his decision on how he will spend $50,000, he said starting the New Year now feels like an advantage as he can “start new chapters in life”. With advice from family and friends, along with assistance to be provided by a financial adviser from LIME, Toussaint said he has a number of good ideas for the prize money but will first look at completing some outstanding projects.

Toussaint was prequalified to enter the draw by “Talking UP”, making calls for more than three minutes duration. He admitted that it was since LIME invested in a new cell site in his village of Fancy in 2009 that he bought a handset and was afforded the opportunity to take part in this massive promotion.

The father of four children said: “Initially when I received the call, I didn’t know what to think. I thought it was a joke, but now I thank God first and LIME for this money. I want to let everybody know that it is only through God I am blessed. And, of course, LIME is great! I’ve been with them since the cell site was placed in Fancy, and there is no way I am going to move from LIME. The service is reliable, and they were the first to connect us in a real way with the rest of the world,” he added.

LIME Country Manager (Ag) Sandra Matthews said the cash prize was given at a critical time when economic projections indicate that this year may be challenging. She also urged Mr. Toussaint to spend it wisely and thanked all our valued customers for taking part in the promotions.

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications Fitzgerald Huggins said that this year’s Christmas promotions was very rewarding for all our customers. “The Goodie Bag was stuffed with Goodies, and everyone felt that there is a chance for them to win something. We touched a lot of communities with our random acts of kindness (RAK). We touched all age groups as we also donated to the needy through our Community Outreach program. Customers can now expect some new innovations from LIME in 2010 as the company continues to take the lead in delivering Landline, Internet Mobile and Entertainment services to the people of the region,” said Huggins.