Ministry concerned about service provided by watchmen
January 15, 2010

Ministry concerned about service provided by watchmen

Protecting the Government’s buildings has been set as a major priority of the Ministry of Transport and Works for 2010.{{more}}

A press release from the ministry expressed concern about reports emanating from the Ministry of Education and other ministries with respect to the quality of service and accountability provided by watchmen and women.

The release stated that the ministry has embarked on a programme to not only sensitize the general pubic about the service provided by the Security Services Unit, but also work more closely with the supervisors, checkers, and the watchmen and women, as well as with the relevant stakeholders, to create conditions for improvement.

According to the release, Clayton Burgin, Minister of Minister of Transport and Works, will be working closely with Permanent Secretary Luis deShong and staff to focus attention on crafting the necessary operating guidelines for persons employed as watchmen and women.

The ministry is also currently working in association with the supervisor and staff in the Electoral Department to provide watchmen and women with a system of identification, and recently met with the permanent secretary and staff in the Ministry of Education to discuss their concerns.

The Ministry of Education absorbs the greater majority of persons employed as watchmen and women.

At the meeting held with the Ministry of Education, recommendations were tabled for further policy consideration, in the bid to realize the desired general improvement of the service provided.