Samuel – It’s money well spent
December 30, 2009
Samuel – It’s money well spent

Jimmy Samuel was very sure that this was going to be his year. And he was right.

Samuel’s residence at Rillan Hill copped the ‘Best Lit Private House’ in the just concluded Nine Mornings celebration.{{more}}

According to Samuel, it was money well spent.

“The lights have me broke. I spent a lot of money, but when I heard that I had won, it lifted my spirits,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

A confident and proud Samuel added that it was back in 2008 that he made the decision that he was going to win.

He admits that there was not anything too special about his display this year, except for making some minor adjustments.

Samuel said this year’s effort took some 2 weeks to complete and was all done without any assistance.

“I spent a few hours a day trying out new displays.”

This is his 5th year of competition, and after 2 consecutive years (2007 and 2008) of being the runner up, winning has been just the motivation that Samuel said he has been looking for.

“I am happy with my finishes, and winning this year has given me good inspiration,” he said.

But most importantly, he said that he enjoys doing it because of the encouragement he gets from his neighbours and the many persons who pass by.

“I don’t think I can stop because everybody looks forward to it,” he explained.

Samuel, a returnee from the United States, said that his passion for lighting began some 12 years ago during a visit when he lit up his mother’s garden and parts of her home.

Samuel spoke of the great joy that it had brought to his mother, and ultimately himself.

He continued doing minor Christmas lighting projects around his own residence.

But he went all out, one year before making his permanent return to his native land 2005.

“I do it out of the love for the people,” Samuel contended, adding that he has lived abroad for 44 years and this was his way of giving something back.

He promises to come bigger, better and brighter in 2010, and said that he was going to continue to be a force to be reckoned with.

“I have to be down and out and can’t do anything-nothing is going to stop me.”