Nine mornings crowd pleads for one more!
December 30, 2009

Nine mornings crowd pleads for one more!

After nine days of fun, worship and celebration of the birth of Christ, the curtains finally came down on the 2009 Nine Mornings festivities.{{more}}

Interestingly, the hundreds who gathered at Heritage Square from 4 am on the last day, Thursday, December 24, were heard pleading for one more morning of activity as the annual festival came to a close.

Throughout the morning, the large crowd was entertained by the Diadem dancers, Gideon James, the Methodist Dramatists and La Gracia Dancers. The event also showcased some of the raw male talent in St Vincent as a few young men from the audience serenaded one young lady.

As the morning became brighter, so did the spirits of the crowd. Capping off a great show, crowd pleaser, Carlton ‘CP’ Hall, as he usually does, had the crowd in a frenzy. However, it was the young ones who were most excited to see him, as candies and other goodies were tossed from the stage.

Visitors from as far as Washington D.C in the United States also took part in the programme, which was carried live on radio and television.

Three men were also invited on stage to answer the question: “If two persons had $21 between them and one of them had $20 more than the other, how much money each of them had?” Many different answers were given by the competitors, but none got it right.

Minister of Culture, Rene Baptiste thanked everyone for coming out each morning to witness the unique festival that only happens in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Baptiste urged Vincentians to cherish the festival and continue to support it each year. She also took the opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.