Landslide on Leeward highway
December 30, 2009

Landslide on Leeward highway

Traffic on the Leeward coast came to a stand still on Monday afternoon after a massive landslide took place at Rose Bank.{{more}}

Luckily, no passers-by or vehicles were close to the area when Mother Nature struck.

Persons on the scene told SEARCHLIGHT that the rubble had spilled over onto the main road shortly after 4:30 pm causing a major traffic block.

Another eyewitness said that he had heard dirt falling from the same area earlier that day.

Residents came out with their shovels and tried to remove the piles of dirt that covered the entire road.

Occupants of minibuses and private vehicles had to exit their means of transport and walk across on foot in order to get to their several destinations. Some vehicles tried to make it across the heavy dirt, but to no avail. Only trucks and several large minibuses were able to conquer the treacherous terrain.(KW)