December 30, 2009
A Christmas to remember for Charles

JASMINE CHARLES and her young family received a most delightful Christmas gift when the East St. George Unity Labour Party (ULP) Youth Arm visited her home on Tuesday, December 22, 2009.{{more}}

Charles, a resident of the constituency and mother of four, lives in less than suitable accommodation, with no water or electricity. The Youth Arm learned of her circumstances and visited with the family, bringing gifts and a food basket overflowing with Christmas cheer.

The group then indicated to Charles that they wanted “to adopt” her family and pledged to assist them in any possible way. As her children beamed with excitement, a teary eyed, humble Charles gratefully embraced the Youth Arm’s suggestion, thanking the young people for their acts of kindness and wishing God’s Blessings on them and the Unity Labour Party. The ULP East St. George Youth Arm already has plans in place to assist the family.