December 23, 2009
Joseph’s Christmas comes to life at Courts

Lucinda Joseph did not in her wildest dreams expect to be the winner of $25,000 in the Courts ‘Christmas Comes to Life’ Christmas promotion.{{more}}

She was expecting to win a ham instead.

So it came as a pleasant surprise when Lucinda received a call from Courts to inform her that she was the grand prize winner.

“When I thought about a prize, I was thinking about winning a ham. I didn’t even know they were giving away money,” Joseph explained.

“I really wasn’t too up to it. I got the call from Courts to say that I had won the grand prize. I screamed. I was happy.”

“I sent my niece (Tamara) to collect the prize, which I thought was a ham, but she came back with more than a ham,” Lucinda further explained.

Tamara said that she was completely unaware that she had drawn the card with the grand prize on it until the Courts employee pointed it out to her.

Lucinda said that she has yet to think of how she was going to spend the money.

“And this is just another example of us living our mission,” Alexis John, Courts Marketing Manager, said.

“We are definitely bringing value home to our customers,” he continued.

Even in times of economic despair, Courts still sees it fit to afford their valued customers more, John said.

“We are aware that they are working pretty hard and want value for their money.”

There were other winners throughout the campaign, like Timothy Wallace of Friendship, Bequia who won himself $5,000.

Over $70,000 has been distributed since the promotion began in September John said. (DD)