Solar ovens now available in Bequia
December 18, 2009

Solar ovens now available in Bequia

by Leah Belmar 18.DEC.09

Who ever heard of cooking on pure sunshine? No gas, no electricity, no charcoal -just the sun’s rays and a portable 21 pound, 19” x 19” gadget.{{more}}

As Vincentians rush frantically about, just as they’ve done in previous years, searching for Christmas gifts for their friends and families, it would be a good idea to think beyond that one day of unwrapping presents, past the December 31, 2009, and try to imagine some of the challenges of 2010. What if…what if there is a gas shortage? An increase in gas prices, an unforeseen emergency that calls for quick relocation?

Caribbean Neighbours, a green enterprise located at La Pompe in Bequia, has been blazing the trail in solar cooking technology over the past year. This method of cooking is so natural, resulting in a superior quality and taste of the foods. The Global Sun Oven harnesses the power of the sun to cook almost anything that can be baked, broiled or steamed in a conventional oven. Used in over 126 countries worldwide, it is truly environmentally friendly. With an abundance of sunshine in our islands, solar cooking is a big step in energy conservation and a better way to save our forests from becoming charcoal.

Foods do not burn in the Sun Oven. There is no need for stirring. The colour and taste of bakery products are unbelievable. Temperatures inside the Sun Oven reach as high as 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the brightness of the sun and how the oven is focused to follow the sun.

Going green is more than a fad. It is a way to address current environmental concerns and to personally play a part in preserving this planet for future generations. To find out more about cooking on sunshine, visit