December 18, 2009

Rebranded: Child Fund Caribbean

Thursday, December 10, marked a new chapter in the history of one organisation in this country.{{more}}

At a recent exhibition at the Methodist Church Hall, the organisation that was known as the Christian Children Fund was rebranded with the name Child Fund Caribbean.

A wide display of the Fund’s work over the years and a list of the activities taken on by the Fund were on display.

Area Manager Rhonda Dickson noted that the International Child Fund had already changed its name and that it was time for the St Vincent branch to do likewise.

The Child Fund began in 1938 as China’s Children Fund (CCF), a non-governmental emergency relief organization created to help children displaced by the second Sino-Japanese War. China’s Children Fund, founded in Richmond, Virginia, by Dr. J. Calvitt Clarke, started helping children with a two thousand dollar donation, followed by a $13,000 contribution to support a school and orphanage.

Dickson noted that the decision was taken to change the name in an effort to encourage more people and organisations to become sponsors around the world.

There is now an alliance of 12 member-organizations which work in 31 countries worldwide. The local arm of the Child Fund assists impoverished children with bus fares, dental care and education, among others.

In February this year, the Fund started a teen mother programme to deal with the surge in teenage pregnancy in the country. “These sessions help to empower young mothers …teach them parenting skills and also to help them to continue their education,” Dickson noted. The classes are held on Wednesdays and Fridays at the Intermediate High School at McKie’s Hill.

St Vincent and the Grenadines has been a part of the Child Fund for the past 20 years, with Taiwan being one of their biggest contributors.

As for future plans, Dickson said that they are embarking on a programme called the “Bright Futures” which includes going into communities to assist persons with different challenges they may be facing.

The fund is located in the H. V. SoSo building in Kingstown.(KW)