December 18, 2009
PMC calls for Prime Minister to resign


A local group is blaming Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves for the defeat of the 2009 Constitution Bill and has called on him to resign.{{more}}

Oscar Allen and Jomo Thomas, Chairman and General Secretary, respectively, of the People’s Movement for Change (PMC), in a letter to the prime minister dated December 8, 2009, said that they held him responsible for the “partisan leadership which destroyed our best chance for cherished constitutional reform.”

“We consider that you showed profound disdain for the nation’s need for unity during the referendum period. You irresponsibly led a large section of the nation in a referendum vote you knew could not be achieved. Furthermore, you substituted personal and partisan aspirations over the claim for meaningful constitutional reform. Even when the nation needed magnanimous leadership after the referendum, you failed to call for reconciliation,” the letter said.

It continued: “…The referendum was a cynical wastage of scarce state resources that could have been used productively.

“It is our proposition that the defeated referendum bill reflects a vote of no confidence on your prime ministerial stewardship of the nation’s integrity, financial management and commitment to constitutional reform.”

“In light of the above, Dr. Gonsalves, it is our troubling conclusion that you have a duty to resign from the Office of Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Your resignation will (also) make room for rebuilding. Sir, we make this communication with no ill will. As you know, the PMC is always concerned with what is best for our nation and its leadership. We truly trust that your considerable service to our community will find expression in different modes,” the letter ended.