December 18, 2009

Calliaqua Anglican School Lights Up

The annual lighting up of the Calliaqua Anglican School was staged last Thursday, December 10, at the school grounds.

The gala affair has now become a part of the school’s calendar. The hundreds of lights this year were donated mainly by Michael Gittens of Canada, whom the principal said has now become a friend of the school, and Jankie and Kelly Glass.{{more}}

The ceremony was opened with prayers by Father Ulric Jones, with brief remarks given by Senior Education Officer Elizabeth Walker and Headteacher Yvette Bowens. Bowens stated that while her school is big on academics, the school’s objective is to holistically educate. She reiterated: “When we work, we work hard, and when we play we play hard.”

The massive crowd present was entertained by Senior Education Officer and Entertainer Carlton CP Hall, who kept the children’s attention by taking Santa’s place in the distribution of goodies. The Karaoke Groovers, Shanelle, Luta, Tabia, Fireman Hooper as well as the Calliaqua Anglican School students also performed. The band SVG Rage, of which three of the members are past teachers, ended the session with melodious Christmas songs.

Bowens, who is one who always promotes excellence for the school, expressed her joyous feelings about the community support, especially that given by Earl Young, Wayne Halbich and Aaron Dowers. She was also quite impressed with the crowd turnout and promised with the help of God a brighter, bigger and better light up in 2010.