Adelphi Young Leaders aiming higher this year
December 18, 2009

Adelphi Young Leaders aiming higher this year

The members of the Young Leaders Group at the Adelphi Secondary School say that they intend to take their message of good health to all.{{more}}

Using the theme “Live today with healthy minds and soul for a better tomorrow”, the group is doing just that with its activities aimed at transforming the entire body.

And with this being the first time participating in the programme after a three-year break, the group says that it is definitely looking to do well.

Mauricia James, president of the group, told SEARCHLIGHT that she and her group have been working hard, and it has been showing.

Already the 39 students have embarked on the task of distributing food baskets to elderly members of the community, educating students at the primary school level on the importance of a healthy diet and providing their peers with healthier alternatives for snacks through the sale of fresh fruits.

They have unveiled a long list of activities including weekly visits from district nurses and radio appearances.

But the students have been warned not to apply their enthusiasm to the project only, but throughout their school career.

“You students are being given a special opportunity, one to be guided and to acquire life skills,” Hugh Thomas, principal of the school said.

“Young people are faced with many distractions which can lead you down a road of destruction,” he continued.

Thomas said that the project was a useful way to help re-direct the students’ avenues.

He encouraged the Young Leaders to adhere to the desired goals of the project which are to enhance organizational skills and foster teamwork. (DD)