December 11, 2009
Schools’ Bible Quiz winners named

The winners of the Scriptural Search Secondary School Bible Quiz, 2nd Anniversary Special. They are Amordo Caine of the Georgetown Secondary School and Boston L. Thomas of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School.{{more}}

Raedonna Abbott of the Girls’ High School took the award for being the most frequent participant, while the St. Vincent Grammar School was awarded for being the most outstanding school.

A short presentation ceremony is being planned for Tuesday, December 15, at 10:00 a.m. The venue will be the Church of Christ building at Kingstown Park (opposite Dr. Charles’ Clinic and KPMG Corporate Office).

Scriptural Search thanks all the donors, for their kind participation in this worthwhile exercise, and asks parents and teachers to encourage students under their care to participate regularly in this monthly activity.

The public is invited to witness the presentation ceremony.